The symposium is free of charge – please register to support our planning:




Mainz 18 July 2019
The official registration deadline has expired.
We are pleased about registrations among others from: Canada, Iceland, Sweden, Netherlands, Belarus, UK etc. are happy to welcome the participants in four weeks.
There are only 3 places left für active participation!
The remaining places are allocated after receipt. Please apply a.s.a.p.!


Mainz 12 July 2019
Today is the opening of the exhibition of Latifa Echakhch in the Kunsthalle Mainz.
On Friday 23 August at 17:00 the opening ceremony of GUSAC will take place as part of the program of the Kunsthalle Mainz.

Mainz 14 May 2019
early bookers € 370 – the deadline has been extended once until 10 June 2019


THE WIRE 10 May 2019
The advertisement of GUSAC has been published in the current issue of music magazine THE WIRE #424
the-wire-screen-shot-2019-05-10-at-16.12.37-1.png    the-wire-screen-shot-2019-05-10-at-16.16.24-1.png


Mainz  9 May 2019800px-Kunsthalle-Mainz
the opening of the symposium will be hosted by the friendly invitation of Stefanie Böttcher (artistic director)
in the Kunsthalle Mainz on F
riday 23. August at 17:00